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Color Block Bathing Suit Season | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

There have definitely been a lot of throwbacks to the 80s fashion era lately and swimwear seems to be no exception to this trend! Big this Summer 2k15 season is the color block bathing suit.

What exactly does the “color block” style look like? It is an article of clothing with clearly defined blocks of color – usually (but not always) outlined in black or white to help separate and define the color pieces. Since the focus is on highlighting the colors, bold and bright colors are usually used in this design – making them an awesome choice for a bathing suit design!

And, of course, they come in bikini, monokini, and one piece options – so they’re great no matter your bathing suit style preference!


When you head to the store in search of one of these beauties don’t be afraid to ask for help! With the emphasis on the colors and bold, defined lines, you can easily find one that suits you and your body – giving you that much more confidence this swim season; so, don’t hesitate to ask a salesperson for help finding the perfect one!

So, who is with me on the color block trend? I guarantee you will be seeing these out and about this Summer; the question is, will you be with the trend or making a new one?

In love and fashion,