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Modern Teen Style….Priscilla Davis Photography and Design

Today’s featured session comes from Priscilla Davis Photography and Design in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love featuring sessions where photographer’s have pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones and tried a little something different.

Priscilla explains, “I wanted to photograph in a place I didn’t know before and as one of my teen models, I LOVED how this wonderful session turned out! Most of my work is usually done in some green/nature setting so this was great to step outside my comfort zone. We were in a shopping center and I found spots that gave a fun fashion feel. I felt like we were out having fun shopping! The wardrobe made this so glam and rockin!

Her makeup and wardrobe let me know where to go. I thought this was very “high style” and we had fun with makeup that wouldn’t be worn everyday. The jean top and the tulle skirt were combined to make an edgy feel and the hot pick in the eyes and the sweater made everything pop! This sweet girl had THE CUTEST personality and we had so much fun laughing and dancing and goofing off. THAT is what a teen session with Priscilla Davis Studio is all about!”











That tulle skirt is so cute! Be sure to check out more of Priscilla’s work on Facebook or her website.

Be sure to submit your own sessions where you’ve pushed yourself outside your comfort zones, we’d love to see them!