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Modern Teen Style….Studio B – Benton Photography

I’m so excited to share this session from Studio B-Benton Photography in Rescue, CA. My jaw just dropped when I saw this fun, steampunk styled session.

Here’s what Scot had to say about the inspiration for this session:

“Sharon and I have been wanting to shoot a steampunk style session for for some time now. We love trying new ideas and pushing ourselves and our photography so we wanted to use a little girl instead of one of our senior models. We enjoy coming up with and shooting new ideas. This is how we find out what works, and just as important, what doesn’t work in shooting a new style, set or lighting.

When one of our current senior models Savannah needed new headshots for a pageant she was entering and was bringing Make Up and Hair Artists Austin and Kara we knew this was our chance. We asked Savannah to bring her little sister, 11 year old Olivia along for her own photoshoot. Olivia was SUPER excited and we had everything set for a fun and exciting photoshoot.”

olivia1 olivia4

Scot also added details about the set up for this session. He added, “We started in studio using a single old fashion light bulb. I didn’t have an old fashion light socket so I cut the end off a power cord and taped it to the bulb with electricians tape. The lightbulb lit up her face beautifully but the shadows were too strong. I added a large softbox with the modeling light as low as it would go. This added just the right amount of light so we could see her dress.

We then went to the “white room”, one of our outside sets. Olivia sat on and under our mantel and was lit by one AB800.

Next we shot by some oak trees next to our studio, also lit by an AB800 with ambient light for fill and rim.”

olivia5olivia2 olivia3 olivia5

Thank you for sharing this session, Scot and Sharon. I loved it!

Check out more of Scot and Sharon’s work on their website and like their Facebook page.

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