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The Top 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers Of 2015

MTS 25 Most Influential - 4

I can’t believe today is the day!  This contest grew significantly this year.  There were 797 images for Christina and I to judge.  This was clearly not an easy task.  In fact, I couldn’t get into the blog today to write this post.  My password was not working!  Thankfully Megan Evans let me use hers.  Christina and I poured over these images and went back and forth.  Right down to the wire yesterday!  But we narrowed the list to THE 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers of 2015!  I felt like we won a marathon!  So I am sure right now you want to see the list so I won’t keep you!

The winners are…

  1. Jana Melinda Photography
  2. Brooke Daniels
  3. Bella Lei Couture
  4. Chelsea Atkins Photography
  5. Jennie Good Photographs
  6. Lisa Smiley Photography
  7. Mary Moua Photography
  8. Maria Vallejo
  9. Nicole Cook
  10. Photo Jennic Photography
  11. Ray Davis Photography
  12. Rey Of Light Photography
  13. Renee Marchelle Photography
  14. Thomas Nguyen Photography
  15. True Moua Photography
  16. Coco.Laine Photography
  17. Valerie Bogle
  18. Stephanie Newbold
  19. Robin Jansky
  20. Krissy K Studios
  21. AK Sellers Photography
  22. Katie Hughes Photography
  23. Clara Bella Photography
  24. CKS Photography
  25. Janese Hockman

This year I also added a “Leading Legends” judge spot:

Christina Ramirez

I really felt the need to add a “Lifetime” status option.  This is picked by me and this year there are three photographers who will be the first inductees into this category.  These photographers are doing amazing work in this market and continually lift it up and educate and have been valuable resources for our Modern Teen Style readers.  They have been on my radar for sometime now and I want to recognize them for their contributions to this industry.  I believe they need to be recognized for their amazing work.

These three names are synonymous with teen and tween photography:

  1.  Shannon Sewell
  2. Stephanie Pana
  3. Amanda Holloway

Congratulations to all the winners.  Seriously, the images submitted were amazing and everyone should be proud.  I want to see EVERYONE who submitted featured in Modern Teen Style.  I was blown away wondering where have you all been????