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Workout Essentials

Well it’s done! The Holidays are officially over and it’s a whole new year! 2016 is IN! So what next? Well, if you’re one of the millions of people who make New Year’s resolutions then you’re probably getting started on what’s at the top of your list. For nearly 70% of American’s, this means getting fit and healthy. At a percentage that high, it’s safe to say that most of YOU have made this very same resolution.

So that’s great. Getting healthy and fit means feeling your best. Feeling your best means feeling better in front of the camera, or in the case of us photographers, running around behind it. Good health means more energy, and means a healthier mind. And in a round about way, it just makes everything work better.

Whatever your preferred method of exercise, from Pilates to P90X, you can still look cute doing it! Of coarse, until you get drenched in sweat. But hey, that means you worked hard so it just adds to the look, right!? While looking cute is fun, practicality is obviously important here too. I’ve put together a couple essentials for working out, that will keep you comfortable, cool, and help you get the best out of your work out. Finding the perfect colors and prints is up to you!

#1 This cute crop top caught my eye because of it’s bold colors and patterns. Bright colors and patters can energize your mood and help you to plow through your workout.

#2 A set of light weight dumbells is a must for many workouts. But when I found these CHANEL dumbells I just HAD to add them to this list! Ha!

#3 Yoga pants are probably already a part of your wardrobe because let’s admit it, they’re SO comfy. They make the perfect workout pants because they’re so easy to move around in without restricting you.

#4 It’s really important to have a good workout bra. Especially if you’re a runner or jogger. Look for ones that help keep everything in place, and ones that rate high for back support.

#5 This fun long graphic tank has that bright color that enhances mood, a fun expression (because let’s admit it, when it comes to working out, the struggle is real for most of us!) and it’s long enough to cover your yoga pants-bum!

#6 For those of you working outside a gym in cold weather, these leg warmer leggings can be worn in place of yoga pants, or underneath sweats for added warmth.

#7 Fitbits are all the rage in the health world and for good reason. They can help you keep and stay on track of your fitness goals.

#8 You might notice there are two number eights. My top two choices for workout shoes are Nike runners for those with average size feet, and New Balance’s for those like me! Most of my friends love their Nike runners, but for me, a girl with extra wide feed and high arches, I LOVE my New Balances. Every time I put them on I feel like running! (OK, well at least I feel like putting a spring in my step, ha!)

#9 A good set of ear buds that will stay put while you jog, run, or workout can be a great tool to keep you going at the pace you need.

#10 An adorable headband to help catch the sweat that would otherwise drip down into your eyes during workout. There’s a ton of super cute ones on Etsy!


So if you’re one of the people with a fitness resolution, I wish you strength, determination, and stamina, so that you’ll keep a healthy body and mind! Good luck and keep at it!