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Be Inspired By…Zooey | Modern Teen Style | Eye On Fashion

You know who is adorable? I mean, stinking cute, want to pinch on the cheeks and give a giant hug to adorable? Zooey Deschanel.

You totally agree, right?
SO cute!

She has this quirky funny personality all her own that really says “I know exactly who I am and I love it!” That, my friends, is the definition of confidence.

But, you know what else I love about her? Her style.


Her style is a touch of vintage with a heap of totally feminine silhouettes. She is always wearing something flattering to her body shape without being too revealing. That, to me, is the perfect style! Her hem lines are just long enough, I’ve never seen her wear a deep neckline, and she’s always playing to her body shape – not to the fads of the moment.

That is why, Zooey Deschanel, is my “Be Inspired By…” icon for today. What better person to look up to and follow than one who is not only confident in her personality but dresses her body for herself rather than for what is “in” right now?

When channeling your inner Zooey look for a-line dresses, cardigans in all colors, blazers, peep-toed pumps, and anything with hearts, polka dots, bows, or florals! Look for “girly” pieces with a splash of quirky fun that fit your body type.


There’s no reason you have to look like a kid when going for a girly look; and Zooey Deschanel is proof!

In love and fashion,