Hello again! Rey here, and I’m excited to bring you my next “Design Inspiration” post today! Here I will show you how you can take inspiration from any little thing that catches your eye, and turn it into design inspiration for your studio (for you photographers out there) and your bedroom (for you tweens and teens)!
The inspiration for this Design board were some awesome Fuji Instax cameras in various pastel colors. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Easter was just a few days ago, and these spring colors are being found nearly every where you turn right now! These colors are certainly fun and quirky, and can be toned down just a bit by adding the right shade of grey to the mix.
The palette is a perfect way to tell the world you have a playful personality and would fit right in with those colorful and whimsical photography styles. Walk into a studio or bedroom decked out in these colors and how could you not smile or feel like a kid?!
What’s awesome about this color scheme is that you can change the feel of it with your accessories. Throw in a geometric print rug and it starts to take on a more modern and edgy feel. Pop in some fun art prints like pastel popsicles and you bring in that fun and whimsical feel. Or, put up some beautiful pastel floral prints to take it in a more soft and “girly” direction. Any which way you do it, these colors remain a statement piece on their own, and are sure to get lots of attention!

Are you a photographer with a beautifully designed studio space? We want to see! MTS would love to feature your space along with our inspiration boards once a month. Are you a teen or tween who is getting ready to graduate from a kid room to an awesome teen space? Share your before and afters with us and you can be featured in our monthly design inspiration post too! Just email us at info@seniorsstyleguide.com with “Studio Design” in the subject line. AND don’t forget to follow us on instagram @mdernteen for your daily dose of inspiration! We look forward to seeing your awesome spaces!

Happy designing!

*hugs* Rey

roominspPastel Pop Studio Inspiration


Pastel Teen Room Inspiration


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