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Design Inspiration…Summer Farmer’s Market

I love finding color inspiration in nature! This months design inspiration is inspired by a recent trip to the Portland Farmer’s Market. These flowers are just one of the many beautiful things I found on my summer vacation to Oregon. I was quickly drawn in by the awesome colors of the fully bloomed peony against the background of greens and bright yellow marigolds. Such a rich, delicious mix of color! Let’s see how we could use it for decorating a studio and (or) a teen/tween bedroom space!

Our palette of bold greens and pinks, bright yellow, and a touch of soft pink and minty green create quite a fun, vibrant space that is both cheery and inviting.
Try anchoring the space with one of your bold colors, and providing the larger accent pieces in the complimentary bright yellow, and the smaller accent pieces with the little pops of softer pink or green. If that’s feeling too bold for you, switch around the accent pieces and do mainly soft pink or green for the larger statement pieces, and reserve the brighter colors for little pops of color in the decor and smaller accent pieces. It’s really up to you and your preferences, but these colors are fun and playful, so you really can’t go wrong any way you mix them up!

Do you have a studio or teen bedroom that draws inspiration from summer nature? We would love to see! MTS would love to feature your space along with our inspiration boards once a month. Are you a teen or tween who is getting ready to graduate from a kid room to an awesome teen space? Share your before and afters with us and you can be featured in our monthly design inspiration post too! Just email us at info@seniorsstyleguide.com with “Studio Design” in the subject line. AND don’t forget to follow us on instagram @mdernteen for your daily dose of inspiration! We look forward to seeing your awesome spaces!