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Eye on Fashion | 3 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut

Long hair is gorgeous- there is no question about it; but there is something bold, confident, and fierce about a girl with a pixie cut that you just can’t get with a long hair style. JLaw has one, Emma Watson is glowing with hers, Ginnifer Goodwin from Once Upon a Time is rocking one, and do you even realize how long Halle Berry has been stunning in a pixie cut? For forever!

If you have a pixie cut already (trend setter!) or are considering one for the Spring, here are some awesome ways to add spice to this great look just by adding some simple accessories!

1.Consider playing with headbands. Adding a headband to a pixie cut makes an already super cute style that much cuter! If it’s a ribbon headband/headwrap it will really soften the look of the pixie cut for an ultra-feminine look.

2. Bandanas! These will take your fierce look up a notch into 1950s territory. Who doesn’t want to channel a little 1950s glam rock every now and then?

3. Decorative hair pins will not only look cute but they can help with fly away pieces as your hair grows. Consider looking for pins that have your favorite animal, flower, or that say something about your personality. Soccer ball hair pins anyone?

Whether you add an accessory or rock it out in a faux-hawk, be proud that you are walking on the trendy side of hair styles with your pixie cut! You’re in good celebrity company, that’s for sure!

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