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Eye on Fashion | Denim!

Five  bucks says you can’t go a week without wearing denim.
I mean, everybody owns a pair of jeans, right? They’re pretty much a wardrobe staple.

And I bet some of you even own a denim jacket or a pair of overalls (believe it or not those are making a huge comeback)! Denim comes in a slew of options: jeans (of course), shorts, dresses, jackets, tops, vests, purses, shoes, you name it! And it comes in lots of colors , too- like green, white, and even pink!


The world of denim is endless and designers know that – why would they shy away from something so popular? They don’t. And you shouldn’t either!

Try using denim to get creative with your wardrobe! Mix and match it with a leather jacket, a pretty floral pattern, or keep it classic with a country feel! However you wear your denim – know that you are in GOOD company with everyone else – because I bet, if I was really collecting that $5 that I bet everyone at the beginning of this post, that I’d be a mighty rich lady!
Who doesn’t love denim?!

What are some ways YOU can creatively incorporate denim into your next outfit?
Show us in the comments below or over on our facebook page: Modern Teen Style.
In love and fashion,