It’s Cinco de Mayo! Today, many will celebrate their Mexican heritage by taking part in the traditional festivities of music, food, and fun! Even if you have no Mexican ancestry, it can be fun to get in on the action! I mean, who would turn down delicious Mexican food, music that makes your hips move, and an excuse to wear bright, bold, fun colors?!

Obviously, today’s post is inspired by Cindo de Mayo! Don’t worry, we’re not going to highlight traditional sombreros or ponchos. Instead, we are highlighting the bold colors and the boho-feel of the traditional Mexican embroidery! Not only are the colors and patterns cheery enough to withstand a full day of celebrating, but the fabrics are comfortable and light, making them the perfect choice for a day out in the sun.

If you’re wanting to take your outfit up a notch in true celebration of Mexican fashion, try taking some inspiration from Mexican art or artists such as the legendary Frida Kahlo who’s whimsical blend of color, jewelry, and flowered hair pieces still come to mind when thinking of Mexican high fashion.

Not feeling the bold colors and punchy accessories, but still want to participate in the fun? If you’ve been on top of the trends this last year, then I bet you have an Aztec printed item somewhere in your closet that would be perfect for today! And since you’re probably going to be outside, don’t forget the cute hats and shades to go with it!

If you have any Cindo de Mayo inspired shoots, or shoots celebrating a particular heritage, please share with us! Email Vicky at for a chance to have your session featured on the blog! Help us spread fashion inspiration! Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Have a safe, fun, and of course, fashionable day!

Cinco De Mayo


Cinco de Mayo II


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