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Inspired by Pets

Ok, so they’re not exactly an accessory (although famous people often
use them as such). But, pets can sure be a fun way to make a photo
shoot extra cute and memorable! For those teens and tweens who
only have a few years left with their favorite household companions,
getting a couple snapshots with their fur babies is a must! Check out
the photos at the bottom of the post, to help get you inspired by Pets!
And here are ten little tips that might help you include them in your
own photography sessions:
1-Enlist a helper! Someone who can be in charge of bringing your pet
on set, and most importantly, taking them home after, is a must.
This way puppies and kitties don’t have to stay caged up, or get too
anxious waiting for show time.

2- Bring them in a carrier, and bring a leash (if necessary).

3-Include them in either in the very first part of your session, so you can
get them back home with your helper as soon as possible.
4-Bring a water bottle and little bowl, and don’t forget the treats! Treats
will help you bribe your pets, or at least reward them for good behavior!
5-Be sure to bring a way to clean up any messes that might occur!
Think “doggy bags”.
6-While posing, hold your pet securely and be sure to praise them and
love them to help calm them and make them feel secure.
7-Don’t expect too much out of them. Most of the time, you’ll be lucky
to get 2-3 good shots with these wiggly and often rambunctious beings!
8-Be sure to check with your photographer for any dangerous allergies!
9-Collaborate with your photographer on a pet friendly location.
10-Be authentic and enjoy the moment! Some of the best pet shots are
the ones where true love shines through!
We would love to see your sessions inspired by Pets! Email us at info@seniorstyleguide.com with the subject “session inspired by
Pets”, for a chance to be featured on the blog! We all want to ooh
and goo over you and your animal friends!
Photos with Pets


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