Hold onto your hats, people! These images are going to blow you away. This 16 year old is an absolute stunner and Danielle from DC Photography Boston did an amazing job on this session. This girl has style and the light in these images…oh, how I long for summer!

Here’s what Danielle had to say about this session:

“This is a session I had with Jade, a 16-year-old who is a model for my fashion show. She is absolutely beautiful and I loved working with her- can you believe it was her first professional shoot ever? I had a lot of fun styling Jade and watching her loosen up as the shoot went on!

All of my shoots with my models are inspired by their personality and fashion style. Jade is very feminine (her dream would be to be a VS Angel) but she also has an edgy side. We decided to show off three of her favorite outfits and we shot on location in a few different areas around Boston. The carousel was in the Commons, not a fair! :)”








Absolutely breathtaking, Danielle! Be sure to check out more of Danielle’s work on her facebook page or website.

Keep those submissions coming, everyone!




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I am Robin Long and I am the principal photographer at longlens photography located in Sioux Falls, SD. I love fashion, dark chocolate and photographing teens and seniors!

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  1. Jade is my Grandaughter and I could not be more proud, she has wanted to model since she has been little and her dreams are coming true, Jade I am very proud of you and you are on your way.

    Love you,

  2. Jade, you are absolutely beautiful. I am so proud of you. You will be going places honey. All your dreams come true.
    Love you <3

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