Today’s featured session is from Holly Omlor!

To say the styling stopped me dead in my tracks would be an understatement.  This is a very well thought out session with every detail in place.  I am sure you all will love this feature.

Here is what Holly had to say about this session:
“We traveled back in time for a few hours to the 1920’s. The golden age of lavish and luxury, sparkles, vintage cars and flappers. I borrowed an amazing vintage car and headed to downtown at sunset to shoot in front of the Toledo Club. The facade is beautiful and grand, from the late 1800’s. I channeled some Great Gatsby with the mood and style. I just love the light and the colors and Emma loved fitting into her vintage role.”

The gear used:

Nikon D800 with my 24-70 Nikor Lens for wide shot. Had to create some Bokeh with my 70-200 though. Two OCF’s from Flashpoint with soft boxes.

What inspired this session?

I just shoot what I love and what speaks to me. I had been wanting to do something like this for a long time. The class and the glamour was so striking.

Hair and Makeup:

Emma Omlor
Emily Avaritt

Be sure to check out Holly’s website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram too!



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