Today’s featured session is from Sean Brown!

It is no secret that we love Sean’s work and this session is absolutely perfect!

Here is what Sean had to say about the session…

This was such a perfect session as we were getting into the fall season!! This was a model shoot with one of my Class of 2018 Reps Alexa and was at the tail end of the summer as we were getting into the fall weather. As someone who lives in Vancouver, WA, which is in the Pacific Northwest, we never know when summer is going to end and the rain is going to begin for the next 9 months, so it was great to have amazing, sunny weather towards the end of senior season.

The gear used…

Canon 6D,

Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II USM

White/silver reflector

This session was inspired by…

This session was entirely inspired by the fall weather! We have had leaves turning since like July because of the crazy swings in weather and so we really wanted to emphasize the orange and reds that we get when the fall leaves change. Alexa did a perfect job of making sure her wardrobe selection reflected this and I couldn’t be happier with how her images turned out!

Hair and Makeup…

GLAMbeauty Bar in downtown Vancouver by Alex

Be sure to check out Sean’s website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram too!



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