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The holidays have arrived ( I mean – Thanksgiving IS tomorrow for goodness sake!) and with that comes lots of awesome family time, lots of yummy foods, lots of chances to give back to your own community, and lots of opportunities for being seen in your cutest jammies (late night hot chocolate and Monopoly party, anyone?) Because one of the main points of the holidays is to spend it with your loved ones, this can mean a lot of extra people in your house – and therefore a lot of extra chances to be seen hanging out in your comfiest of outfits: your pajamas.

And because one of MY favorite outfits is my PJ’s (true story), I’ve decided to take this opportunity to chat a little about how to pick the best jammies for the holiday season!


First off, pajamas should always be comfy! If you find yourself constantly tugging at your PJ’s or worried that you’ll be too cold while you sit around the TV with your family while you watch the Thanksgiving Day parade (my favorite part of Thanksgiving btw) – then you’re wearing the wrong jammies.

Aim for pajamas that are soft (cotton based sets are a good route to go) and designed with the human body in mind – aka: pick a set of pajamas that have room to move around. If you can’t play a round of charades or a game of twister in them, then they’re too tight.

Consider opting for your favorite T and a pair of night shorts. A classic duo that allows for comfy lounging as well as freedom to move as you do your victory dance post-win of your annual family board game challenge (don’t act like you don’t have a victory dance).

If you’re like me, though, you get cold pretty easily – and you’re not always in charge of the thermostat either – so nixing the night shorts and swapping them for a pair of flannel PJ pants is a solid choice.

You can get the same level of comfort and move-ability with an added touch of warmth!

*SIDENOTE* Don’t fear a tapered leg on your PJ pants – it’s a legit style in the pajama world and totally ups the warmth level. Tapered PJ pants is like a free pass in the fashion world  – but nowhere else. Don’t let me catch you in tapered pants in any other form. MMkay?

Another sleepwear option is the classic night shirt.

I want to caution you about night shirts though since they do not have bottoms to them. Because of this, you run the risk of being limited in your movement (and more importantly, you run the risk of accidentally showing your undies to your Aunt Susie when you get up from the couch). To up the move-ability status of your night shirt, be sure to pick one that stops below the knee. OR , simply opt for a pair of shorts underneath and call it a day!

I hope you all have a great and warm Thanksgiving filled with your most favorite people. And remember that thing I mentioned at the beginning of the post about the holiday season offering a lot of opportunities to give back to your community? Try brain storming one or two things that you and your family can do this season for someone else. I bet giving back will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as your favorite PJ’s!