With summer half over and school right around the corner, you might be thinking of getting a couple road trips in while you can. Plus, road trips can be a super fun way to get some awesome documentary style photos for your summer scrap book! Odd little stops along the way can make for some interesting backdrops, and are perfect for the adventurous individual who craves something different and exciting in their photos. Places like Free People, Threadsence, and Forever 21, have us daydreaming of these spontaneous mini vacations in the best fashion.
What you wear is up to you, but if you’re needing some extra inspiration, be sure to follow us on Instagram @mdernteen, and also check back on the blog for What to Wear Wednesdays!
In the meantime, here’s some must haves to make your road trip flawless and fun!
#1 Iphone (or cell phone) – a must have for many reasons! Think GPS, CAMERA!, music, and (Hopefully not) emergency calls.
#2 Car charger for the phone!
#3 Map (or idea of the route you’re taking)
#4 Comfy yet stylish outfit!
#5 Cute backpack for carrying everything with ease.
#6 “Walking shoes”. Boots are best for hiking and exploring wilderness.
#7 Bring some cash for little stops along the way, and for emergencies.
#8 Sunglasses! They’ll keep the sun flare out of your eyes while adding “flare” to your look!
#9 Canteen (isn’t this one adorable!) – Bring lots of water!
#10 Hat- It will help to keep the sun off your face, and will look great in photos!
#11 Granola Bars- Healthy snacks full of protein will help to curb your hunger and keep your energy going.
#12 Lip balm- Keep those lips hydrated and looking great for your spontaneous photo stops.
#13 Sun block- This is a MUST for keeping your skin out of trouble! Be sure to check out this blog post to get tips on protecting your skin.
#14 Picnic Blanket – Just in case you find the perfect spot to stop and lay under a tree and soak up nature!
Now that you have your checklist, go have fun! And be sure to share your pics with us on Instagram (#mdernteen). We want to be a part of your adventures!Road Trippin'


Road Trippin' 2


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