Inspired By Music … Teen & Tween Lifestyle

This segment of “Inspired by Music” is featuring the ultra fabulous “Lorde”. She took over the music scene in 2013 when she dropped the single for “Royals”, and followed with other hits such as “Tennis Courts”, “Buzzcut Season”, and “White Teeth Teens”, drawing in fans all over with her clever teen angst lyrics and alluring dark […]

Inspired By Music …Teen & Tween Lifestyle

For this edition of “Inspired By Music”, I’ve chosen the super fabulous Meghan Trainor. It seems you can’t turn on the radio or walk into a store without hearing one of her songs playing away. The doo-wop influenced beats of Meghan’s songs have nearly everyone bobbing their heads or swaying their hips in time. And […]

Inspired By Music … Teen and Tween Lifestyle

I LOVE music. I love it just as much as I love photos. (And that’s a lot!) I am constantly inspired by music, and it often crosses over into my portrait work. Whether it’s inspiring a particular style for an entire photo shoot, or just something as simple as creating the right mood while I’m […]