“An Evolving Color Landscape” | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

For those who are serious fashionistas this blog post will come as no surprise: it focuses on Pantone’s Fall color palate! Lee Eiseman, the Executive Director of Pantone, has officially revealed this year’s Fall colors and it is an amazing array of choices! As Ms. Eiseman puts it, this year’s palette is “an evolving color […]

Fall Preview | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

August is here, school is right around the corner, and the Fall Fashion Preview has officially arrived! I am going to make it easy for you and hit the high points of the upcoming season and focus on the pieces and looks that will have you right on trend. Want to know what is going […]

Printed T’s | Eye On Fashion | Modern Teen Style

Whether you ran a 5k or support the troops, chances are you own a printed T. But now, printed T’s have become MUCH cooler than that basic baggy t-shirt you got for going to that Bat Mitzvah last Summer – now, printed T’s are a serious fashion statement! You can find printed T’s in long sleeve, short […]

Fringe | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

If you have been following our sister brand, Senior Style Guide, for the past few months, you’ve probably seen their awesome Outfit of The Day posts on their Instagram (#SSGOOTD) – they offer some pretty fantastic wardrobe inspiration, don’t you think? This week I wanted to take a cue from SSG and focus on the same […]

Duster…WHAT?! | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

You’re never going to believe what today’s Eye on Fashion post is all about: the Duster. The what?! The duster 😉 It may be fashion inspiration all the way from the 1920s, but trust me when I tell you that it is making a roaring come back (get it? roaring? hehe). The duster coat is a loose, […]

Be Inspired By…Zooey | Modern Teen Style | Eye On Fashion

You know who is adorable? I mean, stinking cute, want to pinch on the cheeks and give a giant hug to adorable? Zooey Deschanel. You totally agree, right? SO cute! She has this quirky funny personality all her own that really says “I know exactly who I am and I love it!” That, my friends, […]

Color Block Bathing Suit Season | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

There have definitely been a lot of throwbacks to the 80s fashion era lately and swimwear seems to be no exception to this trend! Big this Summer 2k15 season is the color block bathing suit. What exactly does the “color block” style look like? It is an article of clothing with clearly defined blocks of […]

The Summer Sweatshirt | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

School is ending, Summer is on its way and with that come the long days by the pool and cool nights by the Summer bon fires ! Who doesn’t love being outside, under the stars, chatting it up with their besties about the latest Summer drama while all comfy cozy in a cute pull over and shorts? Sweatshirts, shorts, […]

Neon | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

Hey there, MTS-ers! Today we’re going 80s style! Ok, not really, but neon is making a come back and I’m going to highlight (get it…? highlight..neon.. har har) how to rock it without looking like a glow stick! Neon is a fantastic Summer hue since it screams fun, sunny, beach weather, and usually is found […]

Modern Teen Style……Sarah Elle Photography

Be still my heart! Today’s featured session from the talented Sarah Elle Photography is a high fashion dream come true. The lighting is dreamy, the killer styling…and the feathers! Love it all. Sarah describes the session by adding, “My amazing model, Kelly, naturally has a high fashion, couture look to her so when designing this […]