For the past few years boho style has been making a big appearance in the fashion world. Thanks to popular clothing stores like Free People and ThreadScence, this gypsy inspired style remains a favorite and is still going strong. Items like silk and chiffon kimonos, fur or fringed jackets and vests, peasant style tops, open-backed skater style dresses of velvet and rayon, and tribal printed lounge pants, can be found in both of these online stores. Some of the more inexpensive and teen/tween focused shops like Forever 21 have caught on and keep a well-stocked selection of boho style clothing pieces and accessories on their racks.

It’s no wonder this style is still such a favorite. Many of the items are comfy while still being considered “stylish”. Who wouldn’t want to wear pajama pants lounge pants all day long? Or comfy, flowy, rayon and chiffon night gowns dresses? Sounds dreamy to me!

Boho style also features lots of great textures. From (faux) fur and leather fringe, to soft, billowy chiffon, the mixing of textures is interesting and pleasing to the eye.

There’s almost no such thing as over-accessorizing this look. Layering rings, bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces just adds to the “gypsy” effect of this look. Put on a cute headband or hat and your set! Or, it’s also a great excuse to wear that just out of bed, wavy hair or messy braid, and barely there makeup. It might sound easy, but many go through lots of trouble to get this effortless look. It’s pretty much an art to pull off this look, without it looking like you just didn’t try! But once you get the hang of how to layer the pieces and how to achieve that perfectly styled “messy” hair, you just might find yourself wanting to wear more of this look!

Here are some boho styles that inspired a recent model shoot for my rep program. These girls were so excited to bring in all their favorite boho items so that we could mix and match for the right looks. It was a super fun shoot, and the girls all really loved wearing the style!

Do you have any boho or gypsy styled shoots you’d like to share with us? If so, email them to with “boho themed session” in the subject line. We can’t wait to see your take on this awesome style!


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Images by Rey of Light Seniors



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  1. Those photos are great and really show off the Boho Style.And thanks for the links to the stores!

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