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Velvet Crush

One clothing fabric that always reminds me of Christmas is velvet. I’m not sure if it’s because Santa’s suit always seems to have that velvety feel, or if it’s the velvet stockings we picked out years ago that still hang on the fireplace every holiday season. Or maybe it’s all the little red and green velvet Christmas dresses we were forced to wear as children, for pictures in front of the Christmas tree and on Santa’s lap. All of these things combined make velvet stand out in my head and scream “Christmas Time” for sure.

Well, velvet is making a comeback. And not just for Christmas, but for all of fall and winter 2015! This luxurious, rich-looking fabric isn’t just for Holiday formal wear anymore! Some of this years trends in velvet feature short dresses, pants, tops, hand bags, and even shoes.

velvet pants

The secret to wearing velvet casually is to balance it out with another texture. Leather, denim, and suede all look great paired with velvet and add to the luxurious feel. If you’re not quite feeling brave enough to pull off a velvet look yet, try starting out by adding a velvet purse or hat to your outfit, then work your way up once you find you fall in love with it.

Red velvet
Green Velvet

One of my favorite velvet looks is the velvet jacket. Swoon! It’s a great look for street style when you pair it up with some funky shorts with tights, a hat, and boots. But it can also be a really chic look over nice jeans or dress pants.

Velvet Crush

Or, you can go old school and wear velvet in a formal setting too. It’s still a beautiful fabric for formal wear, which bears a classic, old film style feel.

However you choose to wear it, we want to see! Share your velvet outfits with us on Instagram @mdernteen and use the hashtags #velvetcrush #modernteenstyle. We hope you all have a happy holiday season, and be sure to check back each day here and on Instagram for more awesome style tips!