One of the biggest trends in hair over the past few years has been the Ombre’. For the few of you that might now know what the ombre’ is, it’s basically a graduation of color from roots to ends, that gets either lighter, or in some cases darker, as it graduates down the length of the hair. Ombre’s can also be applied with less of a gradient and more of a noticeable line between colors.


It seems for 2016, hair stylists are kicking it up a notch with something they’re calling “Colour Melting”. Colour Melting is like an ombre’ but with a natural feel. Instead of graduated lines on the whole head of  hair, it’s almost as if there is no end or beginning to where the color starts. It’s a natural, sunkissed look and it’s absolutely beautiful!

colour melting

Working with the hair’s natural parts, the chemical color is applied using three different color tones to give a fading effect. So each individual strand will be graduated in three colors, starting with the first color, then second color, then the lightest color, then second color again, and back to the first color. This way no definitive lines show in the hair, and it looks completely natural and beautiful! Since this is a newer technique, and it’s process can be quite lengthy and tedious, you will want to find a hair stylist that has great experience in foiling hair. And be prepared to pay a couple hundred dollars at minimum to get it done! But don’t worry, it usually fades perfectly without leaving any notice of color treatment (depending on the colors you choose) so it’s not something you would have to fix or cover up immediately after a month or two!

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