MTS 25 Most Influential - 4

Today is the day!  Wow going through all the submissions was not an easy job.  Luckily, I had my good friend, Heather Dunnigan from Denim and Grace Magazine to help me!

Together we compiled the list of the 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers of 2014.

Each photographer listed below will be interviewed and have at least one image featured in our November issue of Modern Teen Style.

The sheer talent that submitted this year was beyond impressive.  Each and every one of you should be proud.  This industry has some serious talent!

Congratulations to our winners:

1. Latasha Haynes of Ike and Tash Photography

2. Alyssa Chappell Photography

3. B Beautiful Artistry

4. Bekah Imagery

5. Brooke Daniels Photography

6. Chelsea Atkins Photography

7. Christina Ramirez Photography

8. Coco.Laine Photography

9. Devon J Imagery

10. Emily Nicole Photography

11. Fran Barker Photography

12. Hope Toliver

13. Keri Hamilton

14. Kody Diane Photography

15. Kristie Bradley Photography

16. Mary Moua Photography

17. Michelle Gifford Photography

18. Renee Bowen

19. Renee Marchelle Photography

20. Rey Of Light Photography

21. Amanda Holloway

22. Suzanne Mellott

23. Tea Tree Photography

24. Tiffany Photography

25. VioletRay Photography



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