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Alexandra Reilly Photography… Modern Teen Style

This Monday morning we are featuring Alexandra Reilly Photography of Litchfield Park, AZ! Here is what she had to say about the session, “From the moment I had our pre-consultation to brainstorm ideas about this senior rep session, I knew this was going to be jam-packed with boldness and fierceness! We aimed for WOW factors and ultimately making it unique and about them! They are so different from one another, I love how we all came together to find clothing and themes that fit each of their style while still being true to my artistic style! They pulled it off so well…I can’t say it enough! During their viewing, their energy was CONTAGIOUS! Instagram feeds bursting with hearts and follows and comments, Facebook, twitter, ALL of it.”


AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-10 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-9 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-8 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-6 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-7 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-4 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-5 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-3 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-2 AlexandraReillyPhotographySenior1-1

When asked about her business, Alexandra said, “I am Alexandra Reilly, a mother, a wife and a complete hopeless romantic. I fall in love with everything! I think that may be my super power! I am an animated individual that definitely dances to the beat of my own drum! I love reading, writing, photographing, dancing, music, fitness, fashion and basically everything to do with living! I try to live my life to its fullest…I am a Yes! type of gal! (Have you seen the movie “Yes! Man”?…same concept). I have been a photographer for over 9 years and have been in business for the past 2 amazing years and have a true passion for what I do every day! I am a people person and I LOVE making others feel amazing! I strive to show others how I view the world through my art.”

Wow, what great lighting and awesome locations! These are so cool! To see more of her work, follow Alexandra on Facebook or see her website!


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