I’m shooting a wedding this weekend I wanted something functional, comfortable and stylish to wear – enter the jumpsuit. Easier to move in than a dress and more forgiving around the middle than a pair of pants and a top. There are so many options for styles – strapless, halter, sleeveless – as well as colors and patterns. Every store has them so it won’t be hard to find one that fits your style. I love the idea of the jumpsuit as an alternative to a dress for evening events. Think about how much more dancing you can do without the worry of wearing a dress!! Accessorize with a tassel necklace and some big hoop earrings and you’re good to go! These jumpsuits can be found here.


For daytime, try a shorts jumpsuit. Perfect for a picnic or an afternoon of shopping – these jumpsuits are versatile and of course, comfortable. Patterns abound in florals and tribal prints, as well as stunning solids – love that electric blue! Strappy sandals are perfect for showing off those tanned legs and making them look even longer. Shorts jumpsuits can be found here.


As soon as I get a great picture of me in my new jumpsuit I’ll be sure to share.


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