With the changing seasons comes changing skin. For many of us, our skin reacts differently in the fall and winter, than it did in the spring and summer. Many factors such as atmosphere, temperature, and climate, can cause the skin to change. Skin has a tendency to be a little drier in the winter. That crispness you feel in the air is partly because of less moisture in the air. Cooler, dry air, doesn’t supply your skin with much needed moisture. Here are some tips for taking care of your skin this Fall and Winter, so that you can maintain healthy, vibrant skin throughout the season.
1. Moisturize! Fall is the perfect time to introduce a heavier moisturizer to your skin. Night creams are a good pick for this. Be sure to apply before bed on a clean, dry face. Products with a cream base tend to moisturize better in the colder weather. Normal skin can handle the extra moisture during the cold climate. Dry skin people might want to apply a cream-base day cream as well as a night cream, as this skin type tends to soak up moisture faster and may require extra care. Oily skin still needs to moisture too! I know it sounds weird, but oily skin usually happens because the body is trying to compensate for lack of moisture. So applying a good, oil-free moisturizer is key!
2. Don’t forget the sunblock! Yep, just because you’re not soaking up that hot sun, doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your skin. For a lighter wear, choose a physical sunscreen containing finely milled titanium oxide for everyday wear in the fall.
3. Exfoliate! Exfoliation might be something you think of only for summer, but it’s also important to maintain radiant skin in the Fall and Winter seasons. Be sure to choose scrubs that are kind to dry skin. Oil-based sugar scrubs are great for hands, feet and elbows that tend to get extra dry in colder weather. For dry, cracked lips, try mixing a teaspoon of white sugar with a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil, and “scrubbing” the lips. It will help remove dead skin cells, and add much needed moisture to the lips, keeping them looking beautiful for the season.
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