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Get your green on! St. Patrick’s Day Fashion

Hey, everyone! March is in full swing and next week brings one of my favorite days of the year, St. Patrick’s Day! Some of us, like me, love green all year long. While others wear it just once a year to show their love for the Irish holiday. If  you fall into the latter category and are struggling with what to wear next Tuesday, never fear. This fashion blogger has got you covered. From accessories and shoes, to shamrocks and fancy frocks, you’re sure to be feeling fab in green.

Let’s just get the shamrocks out of the way, shall we?  If you’re not inclined to wear green from head-to-toe, why not accessorize with a shamrock or two? It’s the easiest and most obvious way to show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit and you can get them on just about anything.  And if you buy one or two shamrock items that you love, you can always put them away for a year and bring them back out for the big day! (Personally, I love myself a Shamrock Shake from McD’s but I digress..) Want to pick-up one of the accessories below? Click here!


If St. Patrick’s Day has turned into a date night as well, green is an absolutely dazzling color for a dress. And with so many shades – from emerald to kelly – there is one that’s sure to go perfectly with your skin tone. I personally love the green maxi-dress in the middle – so pretty! And if you opt for a green dress, I’ve got some accessories to show you next. But be careful, don’t go overboard or you’ll be looking like a leprechaun! Dresses can be found here.greendress

It was no accident that when I searched for green accessories, so many were from Kate Spade! She just loves green because it’s fresh and preppy as evidenced by the iPhone case and business card holder below. A necklace or bracelet in green is a subtle but sure way to support the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. And green is a great accent color for white, navy and even yellow! Fun green accessory info is here!


Now, if green really isn’t your thing and shamrocks are just too cliche, why not look to your footwear!  You can even get some of your favorite brands like TOMS, Hunter and Doc Martin in shades of green! Try on one of these fun pairs of green shoes and they just might be having you dance an Irish jig! You can find shopping information here.


I hope whatever you wear on St. Patrick’s Day and wherever you go, that you have fun and stay safe! And just so you know what I look like and that I love green, here is a selfie of me in my favorite green poncho!

Erin go bragh!