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Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Yesterday would have been the 89th birthday of Marilyn Monroe. Although the styles she wore could range from over the top, to classically beautiful, one thing is for sure, she made a huge impact on the world of fashion, and still today, continues to be unforgettable.

One of the most notable fashionistas, Marilyn continuously broke the boundaries of women’s fashion. In a world of Peter Pan collars, she stepped out in longer necklines and off the shoulder looks. When most women were wearing the traditional 1940-1950’s mid-length dresses with shoulder padded sleeves, you could find her pushing the envelope in pencil skirts and sleeveless tops. If she was comfortable, and felt beautiful in it, she wore it!

Marilyn’s preference for red lipstick and cat-eye eyeliner are often one of the first things that come to mind with the mention of her name. Though she wan’t necessarily the one who pioneered them, she certainly was the one who became notorious for wearing this combination of makeup. Pair that with her platinum blonde short hair, and there is no wonder she was always front and center, catching the attention of everyone around her.

One of my favorite things about Marilyn, is that she became an example of beauty to curvier girls, and continues to do so today. She is frequently brought up in conversation when the topic of curvy bodies in fashion and beauty come up on blogs across the internet. By being a confident, full-figured woman, she has given inspiration to many of us girls who’s bodies might not meet the “model standards” of mainstream media. (Thank you Marilyn!)

Thank you for taking a moment with me to honor this awesome fashion icon!  Marilyn might be just one of many that have helped to pave our way through the history of fashion, but she is surely one of the most remembered and loved!