Is everyone enjoying the last few months of spring?! I know I sure am! Here in the desert we only have a small window of “spring time” where everything is lovely and green, and flowers are blooming. Before we know it, the temperature will soar into the 100’s and things will start to dry out and die, leaving most locations less than desirable. Needless to say, we take advantage of spring here, and photos with flowers are a huge hit among the teen and tween photo sessions. More than 75% of my own clients ask to incorporate flowers into their sessions. Flowers are a great way to add visual interest without the use of heavy props. They can add a pop of color and texture, and give a good photo a “wow” factor.

There are many ways to incorporate flowers into your session. You can wear one in your hair, or wear them in a floral crown for a touch of whimsy. Holding them can be a great way to make use of awkward or idle hands, while adding just that touch of interest to the photo. It can be pretty easy to find flowering bushes and trees to tuck your models into to create a beautiful pop of color and depth. Or if you’re lucky enough to come across one, a field of flowers is the ultimate score. These are unfortunately scarce where I’m from. But I am, however, lucky enough to have a lovely flower shop right next door to my studio! If you are wanting to incorporate flowers into your sessions, but can’t find any growing wild around your area, you might try asking a local flower shop about buying their flowers that are too old to sell, at a discounted rate. It may be something you both can benefit from.

We would love to see your sessions inspired by flowers! Email us at with the subject “session inspired by flowers”, for a chance to be featured on the blog! If flowers are your thing, you should also check out these beautiful floral inspired fashion ideas over at Senior Style Guide! I hope you’ve been inspired today! Now go find some flowers for your next session!


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