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Introducing Modern Teen Summit

Repeat after me…2016 is the year of education.  2016 is the year of putting myself out there.  2016 is the year of achieving my goals. Not hiding behind my goals but actually trying to achieve them.

Sarah Modern Teen Summit

The industry…

I have been watching the teen market for some time now.  And one of my goals has been to put together a full day intensive educational event to better educate those who are wanting to incorporate teens and tweens into their business.  There I said it.  A perfectly bundled intensive to get you started on the right track.  I went back and forth.  Should I wait until 2017?  Should I give the industry more time?  Is this the right time?  These are all the thoughts that many in the industry have tirelessly listened to me question over the last year.  Is this the right time????  It finally took someone saying “what are you waiting for?” to get me to publicly put it out there.  Those words hit home…what was I waiting for?

The time is now…

It was a little over 4 years ago when I first started my teen line.  In my area it was unheard of.  But there was a need.  A void to be filled.  This is something I have heard from other photographers who have been running successful teen and tween programs for 10+ years.  It is a recurring theme in this industry.  Fast forward to today.  More and more photographers are discussing incorporating teens and tweens into their existing business.  They are casting them into their model crews.  This untapped market is about to explode.

I am sure the big question now remains how to utilize it?  Where do I even begin?  I truly believe we need to build this framework with the right foundation. And that is how Modern Teen Summit was born.  I selected 4 speakers who are industry leaders with experience in the teen market.  They will be teaching on how to market to teens, how to incorporate teens into a model crew, how to pose and make money in the teen market and how to do styled concepts and build your teen line. The combined experience alone of these speakers in the teen market is incredible.  This is my dream team for Modern Teen Summit.  I also knew I wanted this to be a mini version of PUSH which is why it will take place immediately after PUSH ends.  One jam packed day, a very intimate setting with a small attendee to speaker ratio.  With that said, we will be opening 20 exclusive seats on Monday for this event.  I want this to be the event that prepares you to expand or incorporate teens and tweens into your business.  I want you to think outside the nice box we have all built.  I want you to be challenged.  I believe Modern Teen Summit will be that event that makes you revisit your business and client offerings.


What to expect…

-1 full day of intensive education

-4 speakers

-20 seats

-Classroom instruction from the best in the teen and tween market

-Educational courses you can apply to your business

-Evening portfolio shoots (*weather permitting)

-teen models

-and so much more!


The Courses…

Each of our speakers is invested in helping you succeed.  They have carefully planned courses that will help you build a solid foundation for your teen business.

Teri Fode


They’re happy, fun, adorable and also the most forgotten demographic in our industry: the 11 to 16 year old teens! Today’s teen is tomorrow’s senior, so if you are a high school senior photographer, this group is the perfect genre to pull into your photography business. Knowing where these teens are online and understanding what captures their attention is one of the key pieces to effectively reaching them with your message. Teri will be teaching the specific marketing tips and strategies for reaching both the parents and teens including a marketing campaign that will create excitement for your brand as your grow this part of your business!


Audrey Woulard


Unlike seniors, selling teen images isn’t as easy because the concept is still relatively new. You must be knowledgable on how to pose, dictate, and create images that appeal to the tween, that appeal to the tween amongst their friends, and what sells to the parent. Audrey Woulard will walk you through how she creates posing that not only markets your business, but what will also make you money in the teen market. There is a method to the madness, and this talk will break down the how’s, and the why’s from start to finish. We will arm you with all the knowledge that will keep you relevant amongst the fleeting eyes of a teen, but will also create longevity from the person that will pay your prices…which is the parent.

Sarah Lane of Studio Twelve


Many of us either have senior model teams, or have heard of photographers that have them. We all know they can be highly successful and have many different ways of running. A model program is an extremely effective way to get huge recognition and buzz going right to your target market! But is there more?? I am going to be sharing with the attendees of Teen Summit how to use the super successful bones of a senior model program, to expand and reach your tween and teen audience! Tweens and teens are at just the right age to reap the incredible benefit of a styled photo session! The early tween and teen years are full of insecurities and comparison and this is an amazing time to be able to build the confidence of your young clients and I am so excited to show you how!



Thomas Nguyen

Creating Fresh Style Concepts and Growing Your Teen Market Business

Todays teens are not doing business as usual and in order to gain their trust, you need to do a lot more than get an endorsement from Justin Bieber. In this course, Thomas will discuss ways to work with your teens by creating fresh style concepts that will not only get them excited and talking but will also expand your teen market business.

Additional info for Modern Teen Summit…

When:  July 15, 2016

Where:  Greencastle, IN

Who:  20 Lucky Attendees

Registration:  Monday January 11 at 11 am eastern time.  Complete registration details will be provided Friday.

Price:  $1000 (registration only…meals, transportation and hotel are not included)
Want more details?  Visit the website by clicking HERE

Restrictions:  There are no refunds for this conference. All shoots will be weather permitting. There will be a 40 mile protective radius from zip code 46135-you cannot live, shoot or market to clients within or have a business within this radius.*If you own or work for another senior blog, senior/teen focused social media site or magazine, you will not be able to attend.*Not responsible for weather, acts of God, flight delays, etc. please note that things are subject to change.

I cannot wait to see who will be incorporating teens into their business in 2016!  Who will be joining us in July?