Oh, black and white…something about images like this speak to my soul. Today’s featured session from Alex Worlund Photogaphy is no different. Absolutely stunning.

Alex adds, “This session is of my number one go-to model, my little sister. She is 15 years old this year and I think she is absolutely gorgeous! She is great inspiration for a lot of my fun, personal shoots. On this particular evening, I was driving home from work and noticed that the light was absolutely stunning. I figured that it would be a good time to help me get out of the creative funk I had been in. After a quick outfit decision, a little make-up, and brushing her naturally wavy hair, Zoe was ready to go. We went to a field that is close to my home around¬†6:30 pm¬†– just before sunset.

I edited the images all in black & white because I think that black & white images are just so raw. Don’t get me wrong, I love colored images too, but there is something that a black & white images says louder than one in color. Maybe it’s because there is nothing distracting from the subject’s emotion in the image, or maybe because the black & white images create a simple beauty. Either way, I wanted to create something for myself that I don’t particularly get to do with my everyday clients.”












What a way to get out of that funk. Thanks for sharing this session, Alex! What do you do to get inspired when you feel like you’re in a funk?

Check out more from Alex on her website or Facebook page. Keep those submissions coming!


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