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Modern Teen Style…..In His Image Photography

Oh summer time, how I miss you! Winter can seem so long when you’re pining for the beautiful late and warm temperatures you find in images such as these. Today’s feature is classic summer and comes to use from In His Image Photography.

Shelley describes the session, “Kinadey, a junior this year, was one of my first “Teen Spirit” models. We shot this in July in the late evening and wanted to incorporate an Americana theme into the shoot as well as shooting in an abandoned elementary school that had a lot of sentimental elements for me. We also shot some country looks with the late evening sun and a she had a maxi dress that was adorable! Her shoot was full of laughter and she is such a spirited teen!

I wanted to shoot Americana because of the holidays and I also had been thinking about shooting in my first teaching assignment building which was abandoned now. She had lots of ideas while shooting and not afraid to try anything at all! We even braved the creaking floors and musty smells and shot part of our session in the Washington Elementary school that has been sitting empty for several years now. Kinadey’s grandma, who was with us on our shoot, and I both taught in the building for several years. We took a few in her grandma’s classroom and they turned out amazing! The photographs where not only fun to shoot but we were able to capture apart of history that will long be remembered because they have gone to print!”












Thanks for sharing the beautiful images with us, Shelley! You can view more of Shelley’s work on In His Image’s website or Facebook page.

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