Today’s featured session from In His Image Photography is completely swoon worthy. The color is absolutely amazing!

Shelley from In His Image Photography adds, “The goodness of early summer… that’s the feel of our session for sure! My session with Rayne, a Junior in the fall, was full of laughs and itching! She was a trooper wading through the weeds and field of itchy Indian paintbrush flowers to get to our shooting areas. With her gorgeous beauty, and easy smile, it was easy to shoot til we wore out.

Rayne and I had discussed shooting together previously and when a senior had to reschedule and I saw the weather was going to be gorgeous for shooting I sent her a message.. we wanted a vintage/boho styled shoot infused with the Oklahoma Indian paintbrush flowers that were in a nearby field waiting to be photographed.”












Love this session, Shelley! I’m so smitten with wild flower sessions lately and this one is beyond gorgeous. Check out more from In His Image Photography on Facebook or her website.

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