Today’s featured session is from Janice Jester of Janice Louise Photography!

I love how beautiful this session is!

Here is what Janice had to say about this session:

This summer teen session was photographed with a ballerina wearing a vintage gown in a Delaware lavender field.

The gear used:

Canon Markiii
Canon 70-200mm

What inspired this session?

This past winter, we had a snowfall in Delaware that lasted more than a day before melting. I asked Ari if she would be interested in doing a styled ballerina session while the snow was still on the ground. She was an absolute trooper, withstanding the bitter 10 degree temperature . I couldn’t believe how natural she was in front of my camera, even amidst her shivers and goosebumps. I knew I had to photograph her once again, so when the weather started to warm up, I scheduled a session with her. I frequent thrift stores in my area looking for unique wardrobe options for future sessions. I had found this white, lace, vintage strapless gown a few years ago, but never found anyone who in which it would fit. When I tried it on my sweet ballerina, it zipped up perfectly. The femininity of the dress needed a beautiful location, so we went to the the Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor in Milton, Delaware. I had always wanted to shoot there, but I never timed it appropriately. But this time, the lavender was at peak and smelled heavenly.

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