As the summer draws to a close and we prepare for school to kick off, it seems like this is the perfect feature for this week. This session from Lori Lewis Photography is so carefree and is everything summer should be. The styling is on point and the light is absolutely breathtaking.

Lori explains he connection to this model and how special this session is by adding, “I have photographed Natalie every year since she was 12. My husband recently took a new job so my studio is closing in La Crescent, MN and we are relocating to WI. I thought her session would be the perfect way to close the chapter of my La Crescent studio. This will be my last session for awhile as we get settled so I wanted it to be epic, sunny, carefree and FUN!”













Oh my goodness…what an epic way to close out your studio in Minnesota, Lori! Absolutely gorgeous. Be sure to check out more of Lori’s beautiful work on her website or Facebook page.

How are you planning to close out the summer? Fun shoots, trips, one last summer bash?


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I am Robin Long and I am the principal photographer at longlens photography located in Sioux Falls, SD. I love fashion, dark chocolate and photographing teens and seniors!

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  1. Can’t tell you how much fun this photo shoot was!! Lori is such a professional and so very talented, but also very relaxed and fun!! Natalie enjoys the shoots with Lori and the two of them together create some pretty awesome work!! Thank you for giving Natalie this opportunity!!!

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