Today’s featured session comes from Marika H Photography!

The scenery and the subjects caught my eye.  And lets be honest that sunflower field just pops and gets your attention!

Here is what Marika had to say about the session:

“This session was photographed in rural Russia. I took my kids on a trip to visit their grandparents and I brought my Nikon D810 with a 70-200mm lens – heavy load. My boys do not like to be photographed so I had to find someone who does. I asked a friend, who happened to be a teacher in the local high school, if she knew someone. She connected me with these beautiful girls 14 and 15 year old. I knew I wanted to photograph the local scenery, so we went into my friend’s backyard that had apple and pear trees with ripe fruit falling to the ground (pretty common scene in Southern Russia’s backyards). As we drove down the street there was a beautiful view of the rolling hills, so we pulled over the side of the road for a few shots, and then went looking for a sunflower field. All of them were already mowed down. After about 30 minutes of driving and almost giving up on our search we finally came across one. The sun was almost completely down but we were lucky to get a few shots in!”

The gear used:

Nikon D810

70-200mm 2.8f lens


What inspired this session?

I wanted to show the area where I grew up at. When I just met my husband many years ago and told him that there is fruit growing around as you walk down the street and you can pick it, he would ask “did you grow up in Heaven?” After he visited he knew what I meant.

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