Today’s featured session is from Rebekah of Rebekah Gregg Photography!

Loving this fun urban vibe.

Here is what Rebekah had to say about the session:

This session was done to show that guys with incredible style need an equally incredible location to match!

The gear used:

For this session I used my Nikon D800E with my 85mm lens. I also took a roll of Fuji Pro 400H film with my Nikon F100 and my 50mm lens but I’m still waiting to get those images back from the lab and I can’t wait to see them!

The inspiration behind the session:

I recently asked a couple former female clients, “Which guys at your school have great style?” One of the answers I received kind of surprised me. “None! They all just wear sweats and beat up tees.” I get it, guys; it’s just easier to roll out of bed and not worry about what you’re going to wear when you have so many other things to concern yourself with. There’s academics and athletics and family stuff. But now and then there is a guy who stands out with a style all his own and when one of my clients told me about Jace I knew I had to get him in front of my camera! His style is modern and casual. He’s an actor and singer with an incredible voice in addition to a confident sense of self. When I asked him to model for me he asked if his little sister could come along also because she’s hoping to do some modeling one day. Their style really determined our location because it had to be somewhere just as unique as they are and the subway in Atlanta became our perfect background!

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