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My Kind of Wonderful Photography… Modern Teen Style

This weeks featured session comes to you from Heather of My Kind of Wonderful Photography!

Here is what Heather had to say about the session, “This session features my friends daughter Brittany who is a gorgeous soon to be 16 year old. Brittany has a wonderful eye for fashion so I let her style the shoot which turned out to be wonderful. I wanted this session to really reflect her and who she is at this time. She had a great time planning what to wear which left me free to worry about other details with the shoot. I have known Brittany since she was a little girl so this shoot was very close to my heart. I love being able to look at the images of her and see what a beautiful girl she is growing up to be!”

Brittany1 Brittany2 Brittany3 Brittany4 Brittany5 Brittany6

I love the concept of a 16 year old shoot – such a pivotal age for young girls and I think this was beautifully captured!

You can see more of Heather’s work by visiting her website or Facebook page.

Be well and have a wonderful week!

Untitled-1Ash Hall is a senior portrait photographer currently located in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a passion for celebrating young women and their beauty, empowerment, and discovery through life. Visit her at www.ashhallphotographer.com