The last Spotlight on Business for 2014 comes to us from Texas. Tiffany Photography is a fabulous Teen & Senior Photographer. Take a few minutes to read about what makes her business so great. As the new year approaches, most of us will be on the lookout for what we can do to make us better, to be a better photographer & to be a better business owner. Now is the time to set some goals and put into action the things we want to accomplish. I hope that 2015 will be the best year yet for you!

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What is the most valuable business advice you have ever gotten?

Never worry about what others are doing. If you want to worry about someone, worry about yourself and your business – How is it doing and how can I improve myself. I have told myself time and time again, that in order to stand out from the crowd, you have to be unique! The sky is the limit!

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In no more than 12 words, how would you describe your brand?

Bold, vibrant, classy, fab and glamorous!


Is there something special you do when your business reaches a goal?

Thank my Lord for everything he does, he is the one who creates wonders and miracles for us.

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What is your favorite tool that helps run your studio?

Actually, that would be my right hand, my mother. She keeps me on my feet and pushes me to work harder and strive to be better at standing out. I believe she has been my biggest critic and I absolutely thank her for that. She’s the best tool/person to ever help run my business.

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What product do you sell most of?

20×24 wall prints


How do you nurture your creativity?

Well, I love to ask my clients based on their attire to help choose my locations for their sessions. That may sound a little odd, but it does help me out a lot. Also, another thing is – I go on a hunting process to find different locations. Although, our town is a bit small so there are only so many places to choose from.


What is the best application investment you‘ve ever made?

To be honest, it’s all around Photoshop. It’s my best friend!

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What is the best equipment investment you’ve ever made?

Ahhh, that would be my Nikon D800 – 85mm f1.4G and my incredible Ice-Light!


What’s your advice for better profits?

Well, before I was a big fan of the CD. Although, I have come to realize that prints are very important to me and the clients. Also, when clients go to any printer, prints are not the same and the quality is just blah! So, if you’re wanting to up your game and you’re still tied down to selling CD’s – change it. Prints, products, albums, storyboards, etc. are so much more fun to show off to your clients. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to sell the CD as an extra, by all means, do it! But first, show them their products and offer the disk as an extra product to purchase.


Have you had to change your game to stay ahead in the photography world?

Yes I have! I believe if you ever find something that is more valuable and helpful to your business, do it! I mean there are tons of ways to stay ahead and make your business grow to achieve your goal. Till this day, I’m learning something new everyday.


A HUGE thank you to our sponsor ReBooku. What a fabulous service they offer. I have personally used them more times than I can count this past year. Here are a few samples from Tiffany Photography and the way she was able to use their services. This is what Tiffany had to say:  “I chose the basic Re Retouch for my images, just a simple edit. I loved the final edit. They’re services are phenomenal, they were extremely fast!”


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So take a few minutes and head on over and say hello to Tiffany.

She can be found here:



instagram: @_tiffanyphotography

Have a great day!






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  1. This was so great Tiffany! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and those absolutely stunning images! You continue to inspire and encourage and I’m beyond thrilled be connecting with you and to call you *friend.* Make that *GF*.. lol. Keep on being Fabulous! xo

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