Wait until you read this one – you’re about to break out your jewelry box and dig through it ūüėČ

Today’s Eye on Fashion post is taking a look back at an often forgotten accessory: earrings!


I know, I know Рyou have earrings, you like earrings, you usually buy a pair or two every season, etc. But when was the last time you really took some time to truly consider your earrings when choosing an outfit?  Sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets and rings are front runners in the accessory department since they are always out and about under the spotlight. Earrings, on the other hand, can easily be forgotten under hats or hairstyles Рbut trust me when I say they are a force to be reckoned with.

Earrings come in COUNTLESS forms: short, long, statement, classic, mid length, round, square, tassel, teardrop, and on and on and on. And they can MAKE OR BREAK an outfit. Glitzy tassel earrings have no business with jeans and a sweatshirt while diamond studs may be the perfect addition to a sweater to take it up a notch. And an¬†extra long feather earring in one ear and short black stud in the other can make people turn heads. There are even entire stores dedicated to the accessory line (Charming Charlies, Claire’s, etc.)! Don’t discount these little beauties when you get dressed.

So why not consider earrings¬†FIRST the next time you get dressed? Go on, take the jewelry box out, dig through your old pairs, and dust some of them off. I bet you have forgotten just how many great gems you have stashed away and instead you tend to fall back on your standard classic pair day to day. But today? Go crazy! Let your ears do the talking for your look and give a little sparkle to your earlobes. I’d be willing to bet you feel like a new YOU with a new (or haven’t been worn in a while) pair of earrings!
Boho Teen | South Jersey Senior Portrait Photographer | Sarah Elle PhotographyDreamcatcher earrings | South Jersey Senior Portrait Photographer | Sarah Elle Photography

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