I can’t believe today is the day!  This contest just keeps growing and the competition each year makes it harder to judge!  This was clearly not an easy task for Devon.  She poured over these images and went back and forth.  Right down to the wire this morning!  But she narrowed the list to THE 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers of 2016!  She ran a marathon for sure!  Ready for the list?  I won’t keep you any longer!

The winners are…

  1.  Angie Blackburn Photography
  2. Amie Reinholz
  3. Ak Sellers Photography
  4. Beautiful You Seniors
  5. Ashley Leonard Photography
  6. Ashley Klaty
  7. Bella Lei Couture
  8. Carrie Anne Photography
  9. Timeless reflection by Danyelle
  10. Thomas Nguyen
  11. Tanesha Masaitis Photography
  12. Stephanie Newbold Photography
  13. Sean BrownProductions
  14. Salome Klopfenstein Photography
  15. Nicole Londot Photography
  16. Nicole Cook
  17. Melissa Grizzle Photography
  18. Maria Vallejo Photography
  19. Lori Waddell Photography
  20. Jennifer Dworek Photography
  21. Heather Pearson Photography
  22. Fran Barker Photography
  23. Digi Smiles
  24. Claire Anderson Photo
  25. Corry Frazier

This year I also added a “Leading Legends” judge spot:


Devon Jones

Her work has really raised the bar in the teen industry this year.  I am always in awe of what she creates!  Anyone remember that incredible Taylor Swift shoot that had us all drooling last year?  Her creative genius is on fire!

I really felt the need to add a “Lifetime” status option again.  This is picked by me and this year there is one photographer who will be inducted into this category.  This photographer is doing amazing work in this market and continually lifts it up and educates and has provided valuable resources for our Modern Teen Style readers.  She has been on our radar for sometime now and I want to recognize her for the contributions to this industry.  I believe she needs to be recognized for her amazing work.

This name is synonymous with teen photography:

  1. Brooke Daniels

Congratulations to all the winners.  Seriously, the images submitted were amazing and everyone should be proud.  I want to see EVERYONE who submitted featured in Modern Teen Style.  I was blown away and left wondering where have you all been????



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