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The Top 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers Of 2017

I can’t believe today is the day!  This contest just keeps growing and the competition each year makes it harder to judge!  This was a very hard thing for Chelsea!  She poured over these images and went back and forth. And then she went back and forth again.  Literally right down to the wire last week!  But she narrowed the list to THE 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers of 2017!  She ran a marathon for sure!  Thank you so much Chelsea for all your hard work!  Ready for the list?  I won’t keep you any longer!

The winners are…

  1. Tenesha Masaitis Photography
  2. Sean Brown Productions
  3. Robin Jansky Photography
  4. Phase 12 Studio
  5. Paris Mountain Photography
  6. Paige Day Photography
  7. Nicki Hufford Photography
  8. Michelle Cuppy Photography
  9. Marikah Photography
  10. Maria Vallejo Photography
  11. Mad B Photography
  12. Lacey MCarroll Photography
  13. Jamie Capezio Photography
  14. Holly Omlor Photography
  15. Dena Rooney
  16. Chevy Chey Photography
  17. Bondurant Studios
  18. Ben Riley Photography
  19. Belle Marie Photography
  20. Alyssa Chappell Photography
  21. Lindsay Borg
  22. Bella Lei Couture
  23. Kristi Pennington Photography
  24. L Erickson Photography
  25. Kristi Bradley PhotographyAgain this year I also added a “Leading Legends” judge spot:

Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea has been turning heads this year and I have really enjoyed seeing her work come through my feed.  Go stalk her.  There is a fresh take on this market through her lens.  She is one to watch and I am so excited to see what 2018 holds for her!

I really felt the need to add a “Lifetime” status option again.  This is picked by me and this year there is one photographer who will be inducted into this category.   Honestly, I could induct many more but I am limiting it to 1.   This photographer is doing amazing work in this market and continually lifts it up and educates and has provided valuable resources for our Modern Teen Style readers.  Additionally, her work with models in this age group is inspiring.  She has been a cover feature for both Senior Style Guide and Modern Teen Style and a PUSH Speaker and Leading Legends Judge for the HOT 100!  Like I said she has really been there to help and I feel her work needs to be recognized in this industry.   And like with Chelsea, I can’t wait to see what 2018 will hold for her!

Congratulations Nicole Cook!

And a BIG Congratulations to all the winners.  I know it is hard to put yourself out there but that is part of growing in this industry, looking at our work differently and just doing it!  Seriously, the images submitted were incredible  and everyone should be proud.  I want to see EVERYONE who submitted featured in Modern Teen Style.  I was blown away and left wondering where have you all been????  So drop what you are doing and submit those sessions that you entered.  I want to feature them.