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This Month’s FFB (Fashion Flash Back) features Knee High Socks! First made popular in the 60’s and 70’s with the birth of the shift dress and midi skirt (see this post for an awesome history on this), they were brought back briefly in the 90’s thanks to pop culture and movies like “Clueless” and “The Craft”. Now that shift dresses are back in high demand, we are seeing more and more knee socks gracing the legs of fashionista’s everywhere. T Swift is no exception! She has made it clear this year that Knee High’s are one of her favorite accessories, and has been seen rocking them on more than one occasion.

Knee High’s can make the legs look longer , especially when paired with something on the shorter side. But don’t worry, they can make a cute statement with longer garments too. Check out this portrait feature from last month to see how awesomely this tween rocked her knee highs! SO CUTE!

Shift dresses aren’t the only garment style knee highs look great with. You can pair them nicely with skater dresses and skirts, for a sort of homage to the traditional “school uniform” look. They look great with pencil skirts and midi skirts, while managing to still look professional. And they even look super cute with the right pair of shorts!

The best part about Knee Highs is that they are an inexpensive way to change up your wardrobe, and you can find them this fall in almost any clothing store!

Have you added Knee Highs to your wardrobe lately? We want to see! Post a selfie on Instagram and tag us @mderteen! Mention this post so we know you were reading! We LOVE to see our followers and what they’re wearing!

Thanks for “Flashing Back” with us, and be sure to check back each day for lots of other fun and amazing fashion tips!

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