Fashion Flashback – Denim & Chambray Shirts

I’m not sure these items qualify as a “flashback” since they’ve never really gone out of style! Chambray was developed in France in the late 1500’s, but didn’t find mainstream popularity until the early 1900’s when it was adopted by the U.S. Navy. It was here that this look made it’s first real appearance in the U.S. and […]

Sweater Season –

It’s officially sweater season, yay! I don’t know about you but I LOVE sweaters. They are “comfort clothes” for sure. Comfy, and still stylish if you know how to wear them right! Here’s a few different styles of sweaters with some tips on how to wear them, to maximize the style factor! Cable Knits – […]

Fashion Flashback Featuring Duster Jackets

It’s time for another Fashion Flashback! Depending on where you’re located in the world, you might be having a bit of a struggle with the changing of the season. I know here in the desert it’s getting a bit chilly in the late evenings and early mornings, but the days can still be upwards of […]

Fashion Flash Back…Teen & Tween Lifestyle

This Month’s FFB (Fashion Flash Back) features Knee High Socks! First made popular in the 60’s and 70’s with the birth of the shift dress and midi skirt (see this post for an awesome history on this), they were brought back briefly in the 90’s thanks to pop culture and movies like “Clueless” and “The […]