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Sweater Season –

It’s officially sweater season, yay! I don’t know about you but I LOVE sweaters. They are “comfort clothes” for sure. Comfy, and still stylish if you know how to wear them right! Here’s a few different styles of sweaters with some tips on how to wear them, to maximize the style factor!

  1. Cable Knits – Cable knits are those chunky knit sweaters, knitted with larger yarn. They have big, bold knitting patterns in different “cable” type shapes ranging from simple to intricate in design. They are considered a classic garment in the fashion world, having originated at the turn of the 19th century in Ireland, and are enjoyed today by modern fashionista’s rather than fisherman. Cable Knits look great with well fitted jeans as well as skinny jeans. They also pair up really cute with skirts of all lengths. The key to successfully wearing a cable knit, is to keep your bottoms (pants or skirts) simple, so that the eye goes to the beautiful patterns of the sweater.
  2. The Over-Sized Sweater– Over-sized sweaters can be super cute and extra comfy to wear. The key to picking the right over-size sweater, is to find one that is not too bulky. A smaller knit, or lightweight yarn will help the sweater to fall just right onto your body. Pair it up with some skinny jeans, or cute leggings with boots, and it becomes that perfect comfy/fashionable duo!
  3. The Cardigan– Where would we be without our faithful friend the cardigan? This garment can be used for practical purposes like helping us to prolong our summer wardrobes by adding a layer of warmth over our outfits.  It’s also often used as an accessory, adding just the right amount of layers for the perfect “layered” look. They look great over everything from jeans and t-shirts to dresses! The key to wearing cardigan’s is picking the right length for your outfit. If you have a visible waistline on your outfit, you can get away with wearing a shorter cropped cardigan. If you’re wearing something like a shift dress, best stick with a longer length. When in doubt, go for the longer lengths. They are trending this year and look great with everything!
  4. The Sweater Dress– This comfy head-turner is a fall favorite for many. The guidelines for wearing these are much like that of the Over-Sized sweater. Find smaller knits that hang or hug the body just right. If wearing a shorter length, try pairing them up with some cute knee-length boots for coverage. Ankle boots look super cute with this look, and the right heels can dress it up just enough for an evening out. If wearing a solid color, break it up with a cute long necklace, or opt for a cowl or turtleneck design.

And there you go! I hope this helps to guide you in picking out the perfect sweaters for your season. We want to see your sweater style too! Follow us on Instagram @mdernteen and #sweaterstyle so we can see! In the meantime, be sure to check in everyday here, and on Facebook and Instagram, to see more fashion tips and inspiration!

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