I’m not sure these items qualify as a “flashback” since they’ve never really gone out of style! Chambray was developed in France in the late 1500’s, but didn’t find mainstream popularity until the early 1900’s when it was adopted by the U.S. Navy. It was here that this look made it’s first real appearance in the U.S. and has pretty much been worn in everyday fashion ever since.

Chambray and denim are actually two different fabrics. Chambray is a lightweight woven fabric, usually cotton, made of colored thread and complemented by bleached horizontal yarns. Traditionally, it tends to be indigo or light blue in color. It’s made to resemble denim, but is a lot lighter in weight and texture.

Today, you can find both denim and chambray shirts in pretty much every store. They’ve made a lasting impression in the fashion world, and haven’t ever lost their charm. They make a great addition to any fall and winter wardrobe, and that’s why we’re highlighting them today. Below are a few ways to wear them fashionably for fall and winter 2015.

  1. Pair a light colored top with a darker colored denim bottom. Or vice versa! Denim compliments denim, especially if you get them far enough apart in color. If you pair them too closely, they’ll just look like you tried to match and failed, so be careful! They also look great paired with black jeans, or leggings (if the shirt is on the longer side). In the spring, they look great with white denim jeans too!
  2. Wear them with a skirt! Though traditionally worn with pants, these tops are adorable with skirts of pretty much any length and style!
  3. Wear them like a cardigan! Wear them over a printed shirt, unbuttoned, as a layered option. Or even over a dress!

I hope this helps you to get the most out of the denim or chambray shirt! If you have found another fashionable way to wear them, and you would like to share with us, tag us on instagram @mdernteen, so we can see! And be sure to check back every day on Facebook, Instagram, and here on the blog for more fashion forward advice!

With Darker Denim Bottoms


Denim with a skirt


Denim like a cardigan

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