Fashion Flashback! Ankle Zip Jeans

Hello everyone! We’re  back with this month’s “Fashion Flashback”! Whether you love or hate them, some trends seem to make it back into the fashion world. Today’s feature is ankle zip jeans. These babies were popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when the tight taper jeans were all the rage. The tighter the […]

Fashion Flash Back – Accessories of the 90’s

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Fashion Flashback” feature! I recently had my 20th class reunion (yah, just wait, it will go fast for you too!) and while looking through old photos and reminiscing with everyone,  I couldn’t help but notice a few accessories that were super popular in the 90’s […]

Fashion Flashback – Geometric Jewelry

Over the past two years the trend of geometric jewelry hasn’t seemed to slow down. The bold lines of the triangle seem to be the most popular as they are timelessly elegant yet edgy, working an outfit with both style and meaning. This trend, however, is not new. Geometric shaped jewelry is as old as […]

Fashion Flashback Featuring Duster Jackets

It’s time for another Fashion Flashback! Depending on where you’re located in the world, you might be having a bit of a struggle with the changing of the season. I know here in the desert it’s getting a bit chilly in the late evenings and early mornings, but the days can still be upwards of […]

Fashion Flashback…Teen & Tween Lifestyle

  It’s time for another Fashion Flashback! Fashion Flashback (FFB) is where we highlight items from fashion history that have made their way around to the current years’ trends. It’s fun to see how designers and fashion forward thinkers wear old designs to make new trends! This months FFB is highlighting the Shift Dress. The history […]

Fashion Flashback … Teen & Tween Lifestlye

Isn’t it so weird when an item in fashion that you thought would never circle back around, finds it’s way back into mainstream fashion? Sure, there are many items out there that I often think would be fun to bring back, but there’s also a fair share of items that I think many of us would rather […]