Hello everyone! We’reĀ  back with this month’s “Fashion Flashback”! Whether you love or hate them, some trends seem to make it back into the fashion world. Today’s feature is ankle zip jeans. These babies were popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when the tight taper jeans were all the rage. The tighter the taper, the better, and this trend had fashionistas tugging and pulling to get them on and off their ankles! (Yes, they were that tight!) So someone came up with the brilliant idea of putting in a zipper to maintain the tight taper, but make them much easier to wear. The zipper became a fun look in it’s own right, and though we don’t wear the taper quite as tight in this season’s take on this classic, the look is still a total steal from that past fashion era.


Ankle Zip Jeans

We feel these ankle zip jeans are really made to pair with fun shoe styles. Great shoes will draw attention to the zipped ankle detail. Below, we’ve put together some shoe samples that look great with this fun renewed jean style. Think Oxfords with short ankle socks, vans with no socks, a great pair of pumps, or some adorable ankle booties. Leaving a space between the shoe and the hemline will help to keep the attention drawn to the ankle zips, and we think it looks pretty chic and stylish too! As for tops, just wear them like you would regular skinny jeans, and keep your awesome shoes in mind while picking the color and style of your top.

Ankle zip jeans 2

Want to REALLY flashback? Try a pair in one of these vibrant, crazy colors that are straight out of the 80’s. Perfect for an 80’s inspired photoshoot, but perhaps not too practical for everyday wear!

colored ankle zip jeans

So what do you think? Do you love them or hate them? We like the denim versions paired with the oxfords and ankle boots a lot, and glamming them up with heels for a photoshoot would be awesome! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun fashion inspiration, and follow us on Instagram @mdernteen for your daily dose of teen style inspiration!

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