Isn’t it so weird when an item in fashion that you thought would never circle back around, finds it’s way back into mainstream fashion? Sure, there are many items out there that I often think would be fun to bring back, but there’s also a fair share of items that I think many of us would rather not see popping up in our fashion feeds!

The 80’s introduced us to many fashion phenomenons like banana clips, jelly shoes, and a plethora of neon colored accessories. Many of these have tried to weasel their way back, but rarely find the spotlight in today’s world of fashion. However, one big timer from the 80’s is sure making a comeback in many stores today… Acid Wash Jeans. Yup. I thought we got rid of those bad boys for good, but I was wrong!

Upon coming across the first display of them at Charlotte Russe, I thought for sure this was just some crazy idea of maybe ONE go-to teen fashion store, and perhaps they were just trying to throw something “fun” out there for the crowd of the “fashionably-daring”. But after walking through the entire mall, I found similar displays in Forever 21, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstroms!

For those of you who might not know what “Acid Wash Jeans” are, they’re jeans (usually blue denim) that have been put through a chemical process that strips most of the color off, leaving the jeans sort of splotchy or “marbled” looking. It gives the pants a sort of pattern, and for me, I think they look kind of “busy” and “distracting”. Of coarse, I’m picturing them in full 80’s glory, paired up with some sort of neon sweater, leather jacket, or even matching jean jacket. SO I was a little relieved to see that today’s version of acid wash jeans are being styled much more tolerably  beautifully!

I actually love these three looks (below), as they are paired with tops that instead of competing with the jeans, actually compliment them, and even tone them down a bit. Soft pink blazer and heels? YES! Hellooo acid was chic! (I never thought that could be a thing!) I think we can tell from these three samples, that keeping your top simple and classy, can take this fashion flashback piece to a much better, and much more appreciated level! So go ahead, don’t be afraid to try a pair! If you wear them with the right top and accessories, you can help make this FF a keeper!

Acid Wash


Acid Wash part 2


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