Whether you ran a 5k or support the troops, chances are you own a printed T. But now, printed T’s have become MUCH cooler than that basic baggy t-shirt you got for going to that Bat Mitzvah last Summer – now, printed T’s are a serious fashion statement!

Printed Ts

You can find printed T’s in long sleeve, short sleeve, crop top, tank top, fitted T, over sized T, you name it! They have everything on them from funny sayings to movie quotes to band names to puns! There is literally a printed T out there for EVERYONE!

One of the best things about printed T’s is that they can help pull together an entire look just by what they have printed on them! In some cases, you can create your outfit around what you have written on your shirt. Take these country inspired shirts for example! See how Corrie Barto Photography used them to really drive home that country feel in this shoot? Love it!

Or you can get adventurous with your printed T and pair it with a show-stopper accessory; like this headdress seen in Megan Bryant Photography‘s images, below.

And oh my goodness do I swoon for a printed T and skirt combo like these ones seen in Kim J Photography’s images. The beauty of mixing a skirt with your T is that it helps completely shake up the look and add a casual twist to your outfit!

The printed T is a statement piece and you can wear it 1,000 different ways.

Maybe you’re a drummer in a band and you want to show off that musician vibe you’re rocking with a grungy band T. Perhaps you think your besties are the reason for living and you want matching tanks that say “on Wednesdays we wear pink” because Mean Girls is your most favorite movie to watch together.  However you rock the printed T don’t be afraid to use it as a way to shout to the world just what you’re about!

So, what do you think? Don’t you just love how much personality each one adds to a look? Share yours with us over on the Modern Teen Style page and tell us how YOU rock your Printed T!

For more printed T inspiration check out these awesome images by Linda McMillan Photography, Anneliese Photography, and Devon J. Imagery!
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